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Apart from it’s musician’s career, Rémy Chaudagne is a composer and music producer. Several compositions derived from his recordings were borrowed to accompany documentaries as “Paris Dakar”, either were the object of radio credits on Europe 2, Jacques Barsamian’s broadcast, or broadcast in Japan. However the musician of jazz he is, the natural transition towards this singular relation between the full emotion of imagery and sound is naturally made. From the years 95, in association with the film director Eric Duret, he works several years for Karl Zéro’s productions, Canal+, and realizes the original music of several episodes of the fiction documentary “Cases closed”, spread on France 3. He also makes up many musics of documentaries, short films, theater or the sound label of the companies “New Baby” and ” Autour de Bébé “. His recent work is broadcast on HBO, MTV, the BBC and other chanels …



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