“Pedagogy is an act of attention to itself, to another…”

Rémy Chaudagne teaches the bass, the double bass, the composition.
He is a regular member in the M.A.I, Music Academy International, and in the J.A.I, Jazz Academy International, of Nancy, teach at the music conservatory of Fleury Merogis, near Paris, and give private lessons, live or by Skype, for ebass, double bass and composition. He organizes for ten years the summer training course JEDImusic with Phil JL Robert and Jean Marc Robin.
His qualities of management, musician and composer poolings, the group coaching and sound producing are also a part of its educational activities.

Having given piano lessons upon his arrival in Paris in 1980, he creates in 1984 a bass school in Melun with the complicity of the music professor Alain Geldy. In 1990, at the request of eminent Hans J.Kullock, bass player and innovative teacher, he joins the CMCN of Nancy, school which proposes for the first time in Europe, a professional program of modern musical education. Today called in M.A.I, Music Academy International, he is always a active member there and collaborated in the implementation of the bass program, music film and jazz education program.
In 1993, he sets up for the « Alliance Française » of the internships and the internships and creative exchanges with local musicians during various tours abroad. It is worth to him being requested to perform in various countries as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sudan, Ecuador(Equator), Syria or even more recently Reunion.
He is the author of numerous articles on the music or the study of the bass, published in various specialized magazines or of didactic videos.



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